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NPR / Wired on 2.0

Great read/listen on NPR’s website titled ‘’s Next Version Is In The Hands Of Young Techie

“There’s a much larger problem lurking behind here. And that is the way the government traditionally does IT – information technology – to websites for all these agencies is pretty much broken. The contractors have gamed the system. So when you do a big system, whether it’s for the FBI or Social Security, everyone gets a piece of it, and no one is in charge. And we hear again and again about these systems that take sometimes, like, a decade to build, and then sometimes they’re not even finished. And they put the contracts out again because the technology is obsolete. And a lot of people in these teams were told by the lifers there that was not unusual for the government. It’s just that people paid attention this time.” –  Wired magazine’s Steven Levy

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